High Eye was founded about 30 years ago as a model helicopter company. The company designed and built model helicopters, which were used for the filming of movies and commercials. Some of these helicopters were sold to third parties over the years.

In July 2013, Joost de Ruiter joined the company as CEO and majority shareholder. Besides High Eye, Joost is an entrepreneur in several other companies. His enthusiasm for advanced technical development explains his goal to create a successful UAV development and production facility.

In December 2013, the company changed its strategy substantially. High Eye decided to cease the helicopter services and to focus entirely on the designing, building and selling of these RPAS. New personnel with very diverse backgrounds were hired, which gives the company a wide range of knowledge from aviation to (aerospace) engineering.

DSC_3414 smal

The HEF 30 helicopter went through a major upgrade, which made it possible to pass the Dutch and several other countries’ certification processes.

The endurance of the helicopter is increased to 4.5 hours, whilst the maximum take-off weight increased to 21 kilograms. A lot of effort was made to officially get the helicopter EMI shielded and IP-67 water- and dust resistant. The range of possible options is increased, including a ballistic recovery parachute and aviation graded navigation and strobe lights.

Upon the official release of the newest HEF 30, the helicopter was renamed HEF 32. In 2017, High Eye will optimise the HEF 32 and its options and meanwhile continue the sales that started last year.