HEF 32 passed extensive military EMI tests



In week 9 of this year, the HEF 32 spent several days in a military EMI testing room. Multiple test set-ups were used to check the level of EMI shielding on the helicopter. During these tests, the HEF 32 was exposed to field strengths of 200 V/m in the 1-30 MHz and 1-18 GHz frequency bands.

The results of these tests were very positive and we are happy to announce that the HEF 32 unmanned helicopter system is now MIL-STD-461F-RS103 compliant.








IDEX Abu Dhabi



IDEX Abu Dhabi




From February 19th until February 23rd, High Eye exhibited at the IDEX show in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. The booth was manned with a staff of 3 people, including the CEO. Two HEF 32 helicopters were displayed, which attracted a lot of interest. We are looking back at a very successful show!