It is High Eye’s vision that pilots should feel right at home, when flying the HEF 30. The new layout of the Ground Control Station follows the same approach to cockpit design and layout as can be found in manned helicopters.


High Eye has spent a lot of effort in the layout of the new Ground Control Station. Instead of intimidating new operators, it feels simply clever and intuitive right from the start. For experienced operators and pilots it is familiar and provides a quick integration into High Eye’s UAV systems. The use of a simple laptop, a robust joystick, a multifunctional kneepad and an easy access flight termination system, all of which have been integrated into a compact and portable system, make the Ground Control Station the ideal companion for a wide variety of missions.






The Ground Control Station has been designed around a lightweight carbon fibre box. This contains all electronics and cable looms, whilst providing a support for the joystick, laptop and vest carrier. Under normal operations, the Ground Control Station can be powered externally via 230/110 Volt. An integrated back-up battery provides continuous power to all systems in case of emergency. A lightweight IP switch can be used to split incoming payload data to other nearby computers.

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During flight operations, the joystick serves as the pilot’s interface for autopilot control. It is used to command the autonomous modes, but can also be used to take over direct control at any time. Two guarded switches provide the possibility of a quick operation of the flight termination system. An external cable serves as the connection to the transceiver, which makes the ground control station mobile at all times, without being dependant on the antenna position and orientation.

Since the Ground Control Station has been built-up of only a few individual parts, it is easy to integrate it into existing hardware, like vehicles or containers. The centre of the system is the laptop, which can be replaced by other Windows operated computers.


After use, the entire Ground Control Station can be placed in its rugged watertight case, which can be used both for storage and transportation.